1. I’m behind on bills and getting phone calls from creditors; can you help me deal with them?
CFCS will go through a complete assessment of your financial situation including looking at your income and monthly living costs and determining how much money you have available to handle your debt.

We can explain to you:

  • The options that might work to deal with your debts;
  • Your rights and responsibilities and;
  • What kind of action creditors can and cannot take against you.

We will try to provide you with enough information so that you can make an informed choice about what to do to handle your situation.  In some cases, CFCS might be involved in working with creditors on your behalf; in other cases we might simply be able to provide some structure so you can handle the next steps on your own.

2. Do you lend money?
CFCS does not lend or provide funds in any other way.

3. How can you help me with budgeting?
Your financial counsellor, after having completed a financial assessment of your circumstances, will review with you the possible ways of creating and maintaining a personalized budget. CFCS recognizes and respects the fact that each individual is unique. This being said, there is not a “cookie cutter’ approach to our services, and all assistance offered at CFCS is tailored to your own needs, goals and circumstances.

4. I am not sure who or how much I owe…can you help?
Absolutely! The first step is to do a credit check which can be done in one of several ways – mailed in applications (free), online instant access (credit card required, cost) or in our offices with your Financial Counsellor (cost involved). This will outline most of your current debts and will assist in determining your options.

 5. Are there costs for your services?
While there is a nominal one-time set up fee required to participate in the Debt Management Program (DMP), there is no cost for any financial counseling, budgeting or other services.

6. What type of debts can be included in the Debt Management Program?
Talk to your financial counsellor. Over 95% of all unsecured debts can be included in your DMP.

7. How do I qualify for the DMP?
You will need to make an individual appointment (in person or on the phone) with your counselor to complete a financial assessment. CFCS strongly believes in providing and outlining ALL options available to our clients, along with the pros and cons of each. Should you meet the criteria for the DMP and agree that it best suits your needs and helps you reach your goals, then you may decide to participate in our successful program.

8. How do I make an appointment with a counsellor?
Our weekly orientation session is normally the first step in becoming a client of CFCS. The session is one hour long, and covers a wide range of topics. We rotate between morning and evening sessions every Wednesday. After the session, the counsellor that will be assisting you will call to arrange an individual appointment. Should you wish to register for the Orientation Session please call 989-1900. If you feel that you require more immediate assistance please do not hesitate to discuss your situation with our intake staff.

9. How can I rebuild my credit?
There are a number of ways in which you can rebuild your credit – although these methods will vary depending on your circumstances. Some of the most common ways include: continuing to deposit (and not withdraw) into your savings account, ensure ALL bills are paid on time, do not bounce cheques, and consider a secured credit card to help your credit report look better. Contact your Financial Counsellor to set up an appointment to review how you can rebuild or improve your credit rating.

10. Do you assist clients with issues relating to income tax?
We do have several staff that can assist you to file your taxes in conjunction with your credit counselling. We also have programs to assist low income earners with tax preparation.  Should you have specific tax questions or concerns, your Financial Counsellor can outline information for you and/or refer you to other resources if necessary.

 11. My wages are currently being garnished – can you help?
We have successfully stopped wage garnishments and work successfully with the law offices and creditors in order to do so. Please follow the steps in becoming a client to book an appointment with a counsellor and review your options ASAP.

12. Do you offer services to people outside of Winnipeg?
We certainly do! Our mandate is to assist any Manitoban with their finances. Should you wish to book a telephone interview please do not hesitate to contact us at (204) 989-1900 or 1-888-573-2383 for more information and to receive an information package.