CFCS works with individuals and families who are experiencing financial difficulties as result of gambling. We have financial counsellors with special training in gambling and addiction behaviours. They will provide tools and identify resources to help meet the challenges and effects that gambling is having on your finances.

We provide counselling to both individuals and those affected by someone else’s gambling- This includes setting limits, and making healthy informed financial choices.

CFCS works in partnership with Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) in assisting individuals and families with gambling issues.

You can find counsellors with gambling and addictions expertise at our Winnipeg office as well as in many communities in rural Manitoba. Our rural counsellor travels throughout Manitoba taking referrals from, and working out of, rural AFM offices.

We also provide presentations or workshops on the financial issues associated with gambling to community groups, organizations, and the general public in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba

Financial counselling for gambling-related problems is provided to individuals and affected family members free of charge.

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